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About Us

KwizEd is an education technology company that provides online platform for students to access teachers for their individual learning needs. KwizEd offers live personalized one-on-one and group online classes for CBSE students with highly qualified and experienced school teachers. KwizEd facilitates virtual classrooms using a world class Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a real classroom-like experience. 

Our Vision

Create the best quality learning opportunities for every student by giving easy access to the best teachers from every part of the world through an innovative online learning platform.


  • To provide students with the finest learning experience through personalized academic coaching.
  • To create an interactive and engaging online learning experience.
  • To empower the teachers to make better use of their time for delivering quality education with reduced facility and operational costs.
    Our Culture and Values
    • Students first – everything we do, we do for their bright future.
    • Relationship matters – we build a positive partnership with parents and teachers in helping students to reach their potential.
    • A commitment to quality – in everything we do, we bring quality.