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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why KwizEd Education Platform fit for your learning needs?
    • We offer live personalized one-on-one and group online tutoring sessions for CBSE students with highly qualified and experienced school teachers.
    • We facilitate a world-class virtual classroom and learning management system (LMS) to make online learning more collaborative and meaningful.
    • We designed a comprehensive tutoring program for CBSE students to get better grades in schools and win competitive exams.
    • We build a strong partnership with parents in helping students to reach their potential. Parents learn how well their children are progressing academically and learn ways to help their children at home.
    • We provide flexible class schedules after school timings and weekends. Attending your class is as simple as opening your laptop or tablet from the comfort of your home.
2) How will I prepare myself for KwizEd online tuition?
    • Initial assessment: KwizEd tutoring program starts with a student assessment discussion to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses.
    • Hardware needed to attend the live online  tuition: Computer/Laptop, Webcam, Headphone with microphone, High Speed/Broadband internet connection. 
    • Prepare to participate: In the online learning environment, we need your participation during the class and willingness to ask questions if there are any doubts.
    • Find Ideal Study Room: As you can take your laptop anywhere, choose a location that helps you focus and feel the most motivated.
3) What will cover in my course offerings?
    • Live Online Subject Tutoring based on CBSE/NCERT syllabus.
    • Home Assignments to strengthen the concepts.
    • Regular Online tests for exam preparation after each topic.
    • Continuous Progress reporting to parents.
    • Review of previous year's question papers as a revision tool to prepare for board exams.
4)  How will I know the schedule of my classes?
      • KwizEd team will be scheduling the classes, and the invite link will be sent to the student registered email.
      • Alternatively, parents and students can also see the class schedule and timings in the Student/Parent portal LMS accounts.
    5) Will I study in a One on One or Group Session?
        • We offer both One on One and Group sessions in a convenient  schedule and affordable costs.
        • One on One sessions will be based on the well defined personalized learning plan, and the coaching will be tailored based on student's strengths and weaknesses.
        • Group classes will be on recurring scheduled timings. The effectiveness of the online group class highly depends on the opportunities for interactions. Our group class size will be limited to a maximum of 4-6 students to provide collaboration opportunities and ensure personal attention for each student.
      6) How will my parents know about the progress of my studies?
        • KwizEd team will share the progress and test reports regularly to parents.
        • Parent/Student portal access to the learning management system (LMS).
        • KwizEd team facilitates two-way communication between parents and teachers through online meetings and conference calls.

        7) What if I missed a live online class due to a technical reason?

          • KwizEd team utilizes world-class virtual classroom technologies to ensure that live tutoring sessions are successful every single time.
          • We will reschedule the live session for One on One tutoring in case any technical issue arises.
          • KwizEd team will play the  recorded session of the missed class if it is available based on student requests for the group session.

        8) What are the subjects offered by KwizEd Team?

          • We specialize in Mathematics and Science for CBSE students from primary to higher secondary levels.
          • The additional subject tutoring will be offered based on individual needs and can be discussed separately with our student counselor.

        9) What will be the fee structure and payment model?

          • We will have a flat monthly/annual tuition fee for each subject for an academic year.
          • We support the payments via credit card, bank transfer, or Paytm.